Private Label Dog Treats for Furry People! Private Label Vegan Non GMO Dog Treats, and New Private Label Pill Pockets!

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Probiotic & Prebiotic ~ Hip & Joint ~ Flipping Flea Treat ~ Youngster Helping Headstart ~ Freaking Fido Calming Anti-Anxiety Cannabis ~ Thyroid Booster
 If you have a custom private label dog treat blend you want, let us know. We will get barking and jumping on it. All formulas are DVM approved inhouse. Treat reality happens here! Private label cbd dog treats and private label dog calming treats we have with nutritional benefits. 

Private Label dog treat that are natural and organic. Full nutritional supplement private label dog treats. All natural private label dog treats, No chemicals, No problems, All great ingredients, Naturally! We even have special private label dog calming treats with hemp and CBD. 

As a part of and one of the leading Amazon Private Label pet suppliers around the world we know how to launch your product, design the bags or labels, and make things happen. We can deliver a product into any Amazon distribution center world wide in 45 days from label and ingredient sign off by our team, and our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Pet Nutritionist with over 20 years of real pet life experience.


We make Private Label pet treats and Private Label pet supplements here in the USA in GMP and FDA inspected plants. Nothing is left to mistakes and poor quality products. We make all natural and organic Private Label pet treats. All probiotics are custom grown for us and fresh. Never are our probiotics bought from a warehouse that is over heated or wet envirnoment or from off shore and dated. Sure, it may be a little longer to deliver the active ingredients, but you get a much better product. From the bag, and label design to the filling we do it all in the USA to maintain quality controls through out the process. Our products are the most fresh, pet, and animal healthy nutrition you can deliver to pets. Private Label soft chew treat or Private Label freeze dried chew you decide it, we make it.

Amazon has awarded 5 number one awards to our sellers for our various Private Label pet supplements, and or pet products. Highend custom Private Label pet treats is exploding on Amazon. Our history gives us an advantage no other manufacturer has. We are a proven winner to those selling Private Label pet products on Amazon world wide. Amazon's newest FBA DC's are located close to our three plants across the country reducing transit and check in times, which gets you to market faster than anyone else.  
                                        Michael Scott CEO & President

Private Label Pet Treats

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